Food. Good.

I like food. I really like food when it’s served in a place with some local flavor.

I want to remember the meal as much as I want to remember the atmosphere or a snippet of local history I pick up from the waitress or the guy sitting at the counter with his third cup of coffee.

I like restaurants occupying interesting buildings in the heart of a village or the roadside stand just outside town.

I also like to drive in upstate New York, one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. I’ll drive Route 20 before jumping on the Thruway. I’ll take Route 11 before getting on I-81.

So this blog is for like-minded people who want to share information about the locally owned restaurant just starting up, the family restaurant with a creative cook, the longtime mom-and-pop place, the joint where you can get a great burger and a beer, or the place where you perch on a picnic table enjoying a hot dog and milk shake.

We’re focusing on New York, but if you’re road-tripping and want to share some ideas, please go ahead. Just remember, no mentions of Olive Garden or Cracker Barrel.

6 thoughts on “Food. Good.

  1. Try Parker’s,in downtown Auburn.Its got great hamburgers.I agree with Alto Cinco’s,in Syracuse.A tight squeeze but worth it!Keep up the good work

  2. Buffalo Zach’s in Roscoe, NY (off Rt 17) is great. I stop there whenever I can. Very friendly and great, creative food. The iced chai tea is amazing. Another great place to try is Ports on the west side of Seneca Lake (just south of Geneva). Great view, great food.

    • Hi CP,

      Yes, Quack’s is on my radar and is a favorite for breakfast. A post will be coming soon. Thanks for commenting.

    • Excellent! Please do send some suggestions my way. Your website has a ton of great information, including the in-depth database. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your book.


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