Huff Brau House

Interesting story in the Syracuse Post-Standard today about what kinds of foods define Central New York. We know Boston screams baked beans and chowda. Say New Orleans, and you have to say gumbo.

What makes CNY residents salivate? Well, readers seem to think it was salt potatoes, for the most part. Some  said Hoffmann hot dogs, and others said Italian sausage, maybe one of those sandwiches you’d find at the New York State Fair.

All well and good. But I’ll cast my vote for another item that was mentioned: fried haddock. I know, I know, we’re sorta kinda landlocked here in CNY. But we  have lakes, we have a Great Lake, in fact, not too far away. 

I’m all about the fish fry on some Friday nights. And if you are a fish fry fan (read that fast), you should try the Huff Brau House in Earlville. Just west of Route 12B on Main Street, the bar/restaurant offers a good fish fry for $9.95. It’s the flaky white fish in a deep, thick batter that provides plenty of crunch. Two sides, and a Bud Light finished the deal for me tonight.

The restaurant section is pretty tight, so you might have to wait a bit for a table to clear. But it’s worth it. You also might have to walk by the smokers on the front step, but hey, at least they’re not smoking inside.

I guess next I’ll have to have some salt potatoes and Gianelli sausage to top things off.
Here’s a map to find the Huff Brau House.

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