Rushing to Rusch’s

Downtowns in CNY villages need restaurants and shops that fill a niche. The places that seem to work best are fulfilling a need, offering something a bit unique or special, something “un-mall-like,” to coin a phrase.

There is a lot to be said about driving into a village or town and finding an interesting bookstore, gallery, shop, or restaurant. 

In Hamilton, a bar/restaurant called Rusch’s Bar and Grill joined the other downtown establishments back in February, and all indications are that it’s here to stay.  And that ‘s a good thing indeed.

Rusch’s fills the space that was once a former computer shop and a former Italian restaurant. Major renovations have turned it into a well-appointed restaurant that serves everything from outstanding burgers and panini sandwiches to more sophisticated dinner entrees.  

It’s a great place to watch any kind of sporting event , as there are about a dozen flat-screen televisions strategically placed throughout the separate restaurant and bar sections.

Owner Doug Rusch ran the Colgate Inn for a time, and also managed the Craftsman House restaurant up in Fayetteville. He struck out on his own with Rusch’s, and he’s produced a winner.

Stop in at Rusch’s after visiting the Hamilton farmers market  in the village green on Saturdays, shopping in the Colgate University bookstore down the street, or after a scenic drive through the beautiful Chenango Valley.  You’ll be glad you did.

You can find Rusch’s here.


4 thoughts on “Rushing to Rusch’s

  1. Mike,

    It’s nice to see a place start strong and remain consistently good. I’m encouraged by the continued high level of food and service offered by Rusch’s.

  2. I have enjoyed Rusch’s three times in the last two weeks and found it to be consistently good . Service is great , food arrived each time piping hot ,and delicious . With not many choices near my home in Sherrill like this I’m happy to take the twenty minute drive to Hamilton . They join La Iquana in helping to make downtown Hamilton one of my favorite stops for good dining !

  3. Totally agree with your comments. I stop by at least once a week on the way home from work. Generally pick up something for the wife and I for dinner..Very nice owners, as well as all the help….Top notch!

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