D and D

I heard on the radio yesterday that the Auburn Doubledays, the Single-A baseball team, has its home opener  tomorrow night (June 20).

That in itself is a reason to celebrate, because at comfy Falcon Park  you can buy a ticket for as low as $5 or splurge for the $7 box seat. That’s a far, far cry from the Legends Suites at Yankee Stadium. And I promise you, it’s not $9 a beer at Falcon Park.

Another reason to celebrate is that a trip to the Auburn ballpark can and should include a stop at Daut’s, a cozy downtown restaurant and bar.

I found my way to Daut’s by complete accident two years ago. I like to exercise both parts of my brain on road trips, so before catching a Doubledays game I visited the Cayuga Museum, which is housed in the beautiful Willard-Case mansion (built in 1836), and the  Schweinfurth Art Center, which is close by.

Both turned out to be enjoyable, inexpensive ways to learn about the area and to take in some interesting exhibitions. The Cayuga Museum had a fascinating exhibition about the massive prison in town, which was built in 1816 and still operates today. It was the first state prison in New York and the site of the first execution via electric chair in 1890.

I needed to refocus and refuel before the ballgame, and that’s when I found myself at the bar at Daut’s. I was made to feel right at home by a couple waiting for a table who were curious about my impressions of the city.  They insisted that next time I be sure to visit Seward House, recently in the news because of  Sarah Palin’s visit.

Daut’s offers a solid menu along with the very comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

I enjoyed it so much I made sure that my wife and I stopped there last year as we made our way to Canandaigua for a long weekend at a nice bed and breakfast in that town. We sat in the unassuming but nice dining room during that visit, and we both enjoyed our entrees.

You can definitely splurge at Daut’s because of all the green you’ll save on Doubledays tickets. And you’ll definitely have some money left over for cracker jack and a beer.

You can find Daut’s here.


2 thoughts on “D and D

  1. Daut’s Restaurant truly is a cozy downtown restaurant and bar. Long-standing traditions have seamlessly been meshed with modern attractions. Two of which – Wednesday’s 1/2 Price Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches and Thursday’s Build You Own Pasta Night – should be included in your monthly eating out schedule.
    An added plus is that Daut’s has the best wait staff in Auburn.

  2. I really really enjoy Auburn’s stadium. I’m a fan of Oneonta’s team when I’m able to make a game.

    I’ll have to keep Daut’s in mind next time because I usually end up in Hunter’s. More cause I’m a diner nut and it’s open 24 hrs than for the food. Food is average, but the atmosphere is really great imo. I guess I like the imperfections of the place!

    BTW – The next time you go to Canandaigua, go 5 miles south to Cheshire(NY Rt 21) and stop at the Company Store.
    If their cookies are fresh, they’re out of the world! and worth a 50 mile out of your way trip IMO.

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