Barbecue and baseball

Thanks go out to Mike, who in a comment on my previous post mentions a diner (actually a dinerant) called Hunters, which he says offers a cool atmosphere and is worth checking out in Auburn. 

He raves about The Company Store, an old-fashioned country store with baked goods and homemade cookies that will knock your socks off. It’s in Cheshire, five miles south of Canandaigua on state Route 21.  There also is a gift shop and antique store there.

Thanks for the great tips, Mike.  Always looking for new destinations.

Mike mentioned catching baseball games in Oneonta, home to the Single-A Tigers. And now that baseball and food seem to be dominating my thoughts these days I think it’s only right to mention Brooks House of BBQ,which isn’t far from Damaschke Field, where the Tigers play.

Before getting to the food portion of this post, let me just say that the ballpark in Oneonta provides a centerfield backdrop of gorgeous rolling hills that you just don’t get everywhere.  And a quick history snippet: Damaschke Field is one of the oldest ballparks still in use in professional baseball, with the grandstand dating back to 1939.

How’s that for some upstate NY history?

Back to the food. I remember Brooks barbecue from when we used to live in Schenectady. We’d travel down Route 7 to visit the restaurant or we’d be at a big outdoor event where Brooks would be catering.

It’s terrific stuff. I love the pork barbecue, and there also is chicken and beef. I love baked beans with my ribs, and at Brooks they are terrific. Homemade pies are available to round things out.

Bring a bottle of sauce back home to try replicate the magic on your grill.

Since moving to CNY, we’ve traveled to Brooks a couple of times, and the third-generation family operated restaurant is still going strong.

Find Brooks barbecue here.


2 thoughts on “Barbecue and baseball

  1. If you haven’t been to Brooks yet you need to grab your keys and get there now!!! The BEST BBQ around! We just got back from St. Louis and Kansas City and had some pretty amazing BBQ…..but at the end of each meal I would still say to my husband, “Brooks is still better!” It’s especially great to get take out stuff and sit with the kids watching them play on the fun toys outside while you eat the most delicious BBQ ever! We make the drive about every two months from Syracuse!

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