A Peek at the Peekamoose

Man can not exist on diner food alone. I think that is written down, somewhere.

There are many kinds of locally owned restaurants, and I don’t want anyone to think that I only eat pancakes and eggs. I love all kinds of food in all kinds of places, as long as they aren’t chains,  of course.

This past weekend we found ourselves dodging occasional rain drops and breathing the rejuvenating air of the Catskill Mountains. We went tubing down Esopus Creek, flipping the tube three times in the rapids. The wetsuits were key, as the water was 57 degrees, and we were lucky the water levels were high enough to give us a good ride. We also hiked Giant Ledge,  a terrific three mile climb with outstanding vistas.

After all this activity we deserved a nice meal, and we found it at the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room. The restaurant in on Route 28 in Big Indian. It was only a few miles from where we stayed, at the Slide Mountain Forest House.

The Peekamoose owners are firm believers in the slow food movement, meaning they use locally grown ingredients and adapt their menu daily to accommodate what is fresh from the region.

Interesting art object fill the main dining room, and there is a lively bar and outside patio, as well.

I had a wonderful piece of roasted Atlantic cod. My daughter’s sirloin steak was the best I’ve tasted in quite some time, and the lamb my wife had was mouth-watering.  An interesting vegetable plate and local pan-roasted rainbow trout rounded off the entrees.

Crusty warm bread satisfied us early, and a delicious carmelized onion tart appetizer led to the great entrees. Capping things off nicely was freshly spun in-house banana ice cream. It was some of the finest I’ve tasted.

Eating at the Peekamoose is not cheap. But man can not live on pancakes alone, and when you find a place that treats you well, cares about the food they serve, and leaves you discussing all the wonderful ingredients you’ve just experienced, it’s worthwhile.

You can find the Peekamoose here.


3 thoughts on “A Peek at the Peekamoose

  1. Non – chain dining can be quite healthy and ‘green’. My family frequent a small restaurant in Cazenovia serving local, and organic when available, veg., as well as range fed, not antibiotic fed, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. The chef changes the menu to suit her suppliers’available goods, and the results are creative and delicious. There are even authentic in season pies. Rhubarb was especially tasty this spring. Look for CIRCA on Rt. 20 at the village center.

    • Jean.

      I totally agree. you don’t need to boost your cholesterol levels by eating at locally owned eateries. we went to circa a couple months ago. i’ll have to make another trip and report on it. i enjoyed the meal there very much, though i did leave a little hungry….

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