Dodging a bullet

So I like “family time” as much as the next dad. But I’m glad my wife is handling this next assignment: traveling to Darien Lake with my daughter, 15, her friend, and her friend’s mom. Why, you ask?

To spend the entire day at the Warped Tour, a daylong 30-band event that is sure to be awesome. Or not.

The ladies are hoping to find a spot near a wine tent while the younger generation goes off to listen to whatever and whoever playing something or other.

Immediately, the question arises: where do they stop for breakfast as they travel along Route 20, on the way toward Rochester? 

Keith from Fairmount confirmed one of our local favorites, Emmas in Cazenovia, as a prime candidate. Here is what he had to say:

“I saw the piece in the Post Standard this morning and I couldn’t wait to come home to send in my favorite.  It is Emmas On Main in Cazenovia.  It is the greatest diner! I live in Fairmount but I eat there at least every Saturday and every other chance I can for lunch on a weekday. On the weekends they only do breakfast.  On the weekends he has the best biscuits and sausage gravyI have ever had!! Also for lunch he has the best homemade soups!! The food isn’t the only thing worth going there for.  Its the attitude!  They call it service with a “tude”.  From the Bikers welcome sign to the order it anyway you want it, take it how you get it on their t-shirts.  Dave and Chris Preston are the owners.  A couple of no nonsense folks.  The atmosphere is awesome!  It  used to be an old soda fountain shop.  The booths are original and antique.  They even still have the old counter.  Sitting at the counter is the most fun.  Interacting with Dave and Chris and all the regulars.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful place or it’s owners!  You have to try it!”

Thanks, Keith, for a ringing endorsement. Now who can share a couple ideas for places out near Rochester??


3 thoughts on “Dodging a bullet

  1. Not exactly near Rochester, but the Grist Mill Cafe in Burdett [on Rt 79 between Ithaca and Watkins Glen] is worth a stop. Try their Apple Reuben — a meatless Reuben made with Apples that will really surprise you.

  2. Traveling Rt 20 east to west a few years ago we happened upon Quacks Diner in Madison. Dont really remember what we had other than the memorable fries, but we really liked the place. Good service, good prices , good ambience, and good food.

    Cheers, John

  3. Keith from Fairmont got it right; Emma’s is one of the best old-style diners in central New York. Our son spent the last four years at Cazenovia College — a great experience for all of us — and we spent many Sunday mornings at Emma’s over creatively prepared omlets, fine griddle food and some good coffee. We’re going to miss Cazenovia and, especially, Emma’s.

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