Power of the press

I can’t thank everyone enough for the great suggestions and feedback for the blog.

Sean Kirst’s column sparked a tsunami of  tips for locally owned eateries across upstate. It’s great to see how strongly folks feel about their “local” places. It really speaks to what makes us unique as communities.

Check out the comments on some of the previous posts on this story, and also check out the syracuse.com forum for other ideas.

Here are a quick few from the e-mail inbox:

From Donna H:
If you’re looking for recommendations, the Red Rooster Pub in Skaneateles Falls has absolutely the best chicken wings I’ve ever tasted.  Skip the other types offered on the menu and go for their signature “Rooster Wings.” The place is very friendly.  They have music on Sundays–and, if you have the stomach for it, karaoke on alternate Wednesdays.

From Ken Z:
Saw your article in the paper and wanted to respond. A neighborly little restaurant opened a few years ago in Fisher Bay,Bridgeport, N. Y. The atmosphere is down home and the owners live right here in Bridgeport. The food is outstanding, serving a variety of seafood, fresh from Boston, or on Saturday nights a professionally cooked prime rib with all the trimmings. If you dine before dark you can enjoy a view of beautiful Oneida Lake. Check it out.

From Erika G:
How about trying Voss’s BBQ in Yorkville?  They are just down the road from Holland Farms Bakery which has the absolute BEST all round half moon cookies you will ever eat!  We make the trek there about every other month to refuel on cookies for the freezer (they freeze amazingly well!) and when it’s the right season, some pretty good BBQ when we don’t have the time to drive to Oneonta for Brooks!

From Jim:
Ventura’s is just off Albany street in an older, somewhat rundown part of Utica. Don’t be fooled by the exterior, inside, it’s a very nice, old style Italian restaurant with good food and good service. My wife and I kind of stumbled upon the place, but we’re glad we did. It’s a bit of a drive for us (we live in Morrisville), but we’re planning to do it again so we can try something else on the menu.

From Doug:
When in the Oswego area try Rudy’s on the ‘Loop’. It’s a family owned Fish Fry on Lake Ontario just west of the college campus. Eat in your car or enjoy the view from one of their outdoor tables. It’s not unusual to find the long time owner, Carol, working behind the counter. Also there’s a great story about how her and her late husband acquired the business. Food & service are great too.

When in Boonville be sure to check out Freddy’s Diner on the corner of Post & Ford Streets. It’s run by Karen and has a 50’s theme. Food & service are good too! Also have Karen give you the ‘Cook’s Tour’ of her Theater next door.

Much more to come!! If you have a suggestion send it to doolin38@yahoo.com or leave a comment on this post.

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