Keeping it local, and then some

This is a great illustration of how local restaurants can support local farms, which cries out for support from local residents.

Just yesterday, the Poolville Country Store began featuring  a special menu built around all local products – mostly from Madison County. Products from Drover Hill Farm, Maple Avenue Farm, Meadowood Farm, Haemour Farm, Alambria Springs, Ambrosia Farms, Smitty’s Market, Mini Maples Farm, Quarry Brook Farm, Thorpe Apiary, Evans Creamery,  Ingalside Meadows, and several  others will be showcased.

Also included is the Common Thread Community Farm that my wife and I “belong to.”  Common Thread is a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm serving Central New York, the Mohawk Valley, and Syracuse. The farm is located in Madison,  near the tip of Lake Moraine. (We really love visiting their once a week and getting our share of produce. It’s delicious, obviously as fresh as it gets, and we see where our money is being spent: right in our area!)

Back to the Poolville Country Store. Every week for the next five weeks the restaurant will change the menu featuring different products from the various farms. It’s a great chance to taste the flavors of Central NY and support the local economy. The restaurant has long supported local farmers, and it’s a great place to go for a very nice meal.

I have to admit that I’ve only visited there. I dropped my wife and three of her friends off there on her birthday last year, returned two hours later, paid the bill, and drove everyone home. I got a couple tastes of desserts, but nothing more. Talk about sacrifice. But all reports were glowing.

You can find the Poolville Country Store here.


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