Mail call

I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share more of the many e-mails I’ve received from folks talking about their favorite locally owned eateries.

There are too many to get to at once, so here is another sampling:

From Andrea in Jamesville:
Ruston’s Diner in Jamesville, NY. We go there on
saturday or sunday mornings occasionally, and the waitresses are
probably the nicest I’ve come across at a diner. Even when it’s full,
they’re prompt, sweet and attentive. (This is one Wife L and I enjoyed over the winter while ferrying my daughter to Syracuse once every two weeks. A very solid breakfast. Look for the little turnoff off Jamesville Road or you’ll go right by!)

From Buck:
The Hiawatha Inn in Truxton. Family run, very good food, clean and fun. I personally love the prime rib sandwich…!

From prand5:
I share your feelings about good food, the old fashioned way….so here are a few of my favorites.
1)  The Andes Hotel in Andes, NY.  Hard to believe that you can get this type of food in a sleepy little out of the way town.  Great food, good prices, wonderful ambiance.  Nice to take a walk down the main street and into some of the quirky little shops too.
2)  Carl’s Country Kitchen on Teall Ave. in Syracuse.  Good, old fashioned food, good prices, good service, clean and fun.
3)  The Student Prince, Stone Ridge, NY … wonderful German food, need I say more?
4)  Tory Tavern, Schoharie, NY…..wonderful ambiance, home grown food, German innkeepers……wonderful!
There are so many more wonderful eating places in New York state, I love hearing about them and trying them out. (When traveling down that way, toward Middleburgh, consider taking  a  hike at Vroman’s Nose. It’s a short climb, a bit steep, with really wonderful views of the entire Schoharie Valley. You can work up an appetite for dinner at the Tory Tavern!)

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