Ike’s comes up big in Sherrill

Sherrill is the smallest city in New York state.

The metropolis has a total area of 2.0 square miles and 3,115 residents as of July 2008.  That’s small.

Not sure why that’s important, except that we found ourselves driving through this little bit of a burg today in search of breakfast.  Actually, we were in search of leveling sand for the front walk we’re putting in at the house. 

DIYers deserve to eat out, I had declared this morning, especially when one of them is taking a “vacation” day to work on the walk.

We drove up Sherrill Road, almost to where it meets Route 5, and came across Ike’s Country Crock Cafe. The place used to be called the Silver City Cafe, but new owners and a new look arrived in October.

There is a cozy feel to the place, with wooden tabletops and earth-tone colors. A few too many knickknacks for my taste, but hey, I’m a guy.

What I liked was the food. I had a daily special, apple cinnamon French toast with a side of sausage. No cloying over-sweetness here, just a nice hint of cinnamon and apple on three thick slices of bread. No packets or plastic containers of syrup, either. It was the real deal served on the side, and I sampled just enough to add the maple flavor.

Wife L had a nice Italian omelette, with sausage, peppers, onions, greens, and cheese. The homefries were tasty, too.

Not too many places offer bologna on a breakfast menu, but they do here. I took a pass on that. They also offer capicola as another alternative to bacon or sausage.

Baked goods play a big role here. We saw Jack Daniels pecan pie, cheesecake, and cookies. Our waitress, who is part of the Sister Act that now runs the place, mentioned pies and scones, as well. It all looked delicious, but I just wasn’t ready to indulge.

You can find the cafe here.  Besides breakfast and lunch, it’s open for dinner Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights and specials are served each night. It’s closed Sundays.

Oneida Community Mansion House

Oneida Community Mansion House

If you’re in Sherrill, even for the four minutes and twelve seconds it takes to drive through, stop and visit the Oneida Community Mansion House. It is a 93,000-square-foot history lesson.

The house was built in the 1860s, and tours are available.

My daughter and I took a tour a couple years ago, and it was fascinating to learn about the Oneida Commnity, a group of about 300  individuals who, for 33 years,  sought “perfection” and shared everything. The “complex marriage” portion of the tour was interesting to hear with my daughter walking to me, but it’s all part of the place’s history.

Today there are eight guest rooms available for visitors and 35 private apartments for permanent residents.  A restaurant we’re dying to try, Zabroso, also is there.

The utopian society eventually disbanded, and one result was creation of Oneida  Ltd., the silverware company.

We happened to catch a sale today at the company’s clearance center. We bought a saute pan and martini glasses, which are a lot more interesting than leveling sand.

It is all about food and drink, isn’t it?


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