J-E-T-S in C-O-R-T-L-A-N-D

jets_logoCNY football fans can rejoice: The New York Jets are here for three weeks.

OK, don’t get in an uproar Bills and Giants fans. We know you couldn’t care less. And for folks looking to read about places to eat and not about pigskin, have no fear.

As we like to say, it’s all about the food.

But Gang Green has landed in Cortland, of all places, and will conduct two-a-day training camp sessions that are free and open to the public.

If you are planning a road trip to SUNY at Cortland to watch the Jets work the kinks out, we have some suggestions for locally owned restaurants offered to us by Amy:

1. Pontillo’s Pizzeria, Groton Avenue. Family owned for many, many years originating in Rochester/Batavia area. The best wings in the area!

2. Central City Bar & Grill and the M&D Deli, Central Ave. Two local people own these restaurants. M&D Deli has GREAT soups and sandwiches (great place for lunch) and the Central City Bar & Grill is a nice place to go for dinner with a real varied menu. Their Chicken Pot Pie is delicious!

3. The Hollywood, Groton Avenue, is an Italian restaurant where many of our local college students bring their parents when they come in to visit.

and last but not least….

4) My favorite!!! The Melodyland, South Main Street, is a little old Italian restaurant that has been in the community for years and years. It features six booths, tables for about 50 (approximately) and the owners call everyone by name when they come in for dinner (most of the time). THE BEST in my book for italian, besides mom’s!!! 🙂

So get your fan on by cheering for Mark Sanchez, our appointed QB savior, and then visit a local restaurant while you’re happy and brimming with optimism about the J-E-T-S.  As Jets fans know, things can turn sour in November and December (no comments, Bill and Giants fans).

Thanks to Amy for these suggestions!

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