Sandra and Symeon

Symeon’s, the restaurant in New Hartford, is something like Sandra Bullock, the actress.

Bet that didn’t come up in water-cooler conversation today.

I like both, but I think both can do better.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

Ever since Sandra sped onto the Hollywood scene with Speed, I’ve enjoyed watching her, for the most part. But then she’ll do movies like Practical Magic and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and wow. I mean c’mon, she can do so much better. Then something like Miss Congeniality, which certainly didn’t break any new ground but has a certain charm, comes around and I’m back in Sandra’s camp. (It also helps immensely to have Michael Caine in any of your movies).

Symeon’s, on busy Commercial Drive, always treats us well and is reasonably priced.  Our last visit, though, on Friday night, was a bit of a downer. The gyro I was salivating over as I trudged through Macy’s and Aeropostale in Sangertown Square Mall with Wife L and Daughter B turned out to be disappointing.

The pita bread was dry, and the gyro meat a tad overdone. I had to order extra yogurt sauce to pick up the flavor and smooth things out. My onion rings were winners, though, nicely coated and flavorful.

Wife L enjoyed her pastichio, the casserole-like dish with ground beef, and Daughter B’s fresh haddock had a nice crisp coating and was served with a plentiful Greek salad and baked potato.

We all sampled the yiouvarlakia me avgolemono as an appetizer, and enjoyed the soup made with a mixture of eggs and lemon juice.

Because my wife’s entree was a little late coming out of the kitchen, the waitress offered us a free dessert, which was part of the very professional service afforded us all night.

We had galaktobouriko, an egg custard baked in filo dough. Three forks, and before you could say Opa, the dessert vanished. Very tasty.

I have to say all in all it was a good meal, which came in priced around $43 for three of us. Maybe it was my mediocore gyro that has me a bit down about Symeon’s. We rarely get to have Greek food, so I was really looking forward to it, and my gyro didn’t make the grade.

Sandra’s latest that I recently saw is The Proposal. While she has good chemistry with Ryan Reynolds and the film has genuinely funny moments, it could have been a lot more if it didn’t rely on formulaic plot conventions that have been around since Clark and Claudette set the bar so high in one of my all-time favorites, It Happened One Night.

I’ll return to Symeon’s and I’ll likely go see Sandra again in her newest movies. Here’s hoping they both overwhelm this next time around.


One thought on “Sandra and Symeon

  1. Wanted to give you heads up that there is going to be a book signing for “Diners of New York” at Doc’s Little Gem on Monday August 24th at 6pm.

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