Hubbub at Chubb’s

OK, hubbub might be too strong a word. But it was busy  a couple of Saturday mornings ago at Chubb’s on the Park,a small restaurant in Oxford, a village you’ve probably passed through if you’ve ever driven Route 12 south toward Binghamton.

Chubb’s is on a side street, across from the tiny village green with the working fountain.

We ate there as our very first stop on our very long road trip down to Myrtle Beach, S.C. We have some news to share about that later.

First, though, this upstate eatery is worth a visit if you’re looking for quick, simple breakfasts. The service was excellent at Chubb’s, and while portions are not big, they are not expensive, either.

It was fun to watch as the place fill up, and the older folks in the restaurant got a huge charge out of a toddler who came in with her mom and dad. The little girl was a big hit.

Next door to Chubb’s is a pharmacy, and next to that is Clachan’s, a coffeehouse. Just down the street is Hoppie’s, a very sharp-looking old-fashioned ice cream shop that also serves pannini sandwiches and soups.

So you have a few options to consider as you pull off Route 12 for a well-deserved break from your travels. We’re definitely going to give Hoppie’s a try next time.

On that Saturday, we would push on to Roanoke Rapids, N.C., where we stopped for the night.  We then drove to Myrtle Beach, where we stayed at a “resort” that was part of a time-share pitch I accepted. I didn’t buy a time-share, no worries there, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

More later on the gazzilion pancake houses we saw, and a few we visited, in Myrtle Beach,  and some really fine barbecue and fried chicken at a place called Hog Heaven. You betcha.


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