Readers report on local faves

I love dipping into the mailbag now and again. There are some nice fall weekend days looming, and plenty of time to check out the leaves and some locally owned restaurants.

Remember, don’t spoil that day out or the leisurely drive by stopping at a chain restaurant. Go local!

Here are some suggestions from readers:

Evelyn and Ron T:
“The Blue Moon Grill in Canalview Plaza (along Route 481N in Fulton) is a jewel for CNY foodies. Owners Bill and Karen Hubel have created a perfect blend of friendliness and great food. Lunches promise and deliver superb salads, specials and sandwiches. But oh, those dinners! Seafood, chicken, steaks, pastas and sides as creative as any metro place and a fraction of the price. Bill has a special talent for New Orleans specials and his chicken and shrimp piccata is divine.  Actually—everything we’ve ever eaten there was way above the norm.”

Marty M:
“Strongly suggest you add the JR Diner to your list. It’s on Wolf St. (Rt 11) just north of Seventh North, across the street from Crouse-Hines.  John and Deena serve outstanding breakfasts and lunches. Greek dishes are mighty tasty , as well. The place even LOOKS like a diner.”

A. M., of Ilion:
“Try Yetty’s Pizza, 109 Mohawk Street, Herkimer, NY. They have a full Italian/American menu, with such specialties as Muffelatta sandwiches, tunnels, wraps, paninis and more types of submarines than a sailor could wish for. They serve wine and beer. They make their own sauce and bake their own bread on the premises. Yetty’s is a truly down home restaurant experience.

Here is one maybe readers can help with. Is Flo’s still a bargain, as Don asks?

Don H:

“I can’t believe no one has mentioned Flo’s Diner. It’s on Route 31 several miles past Lakeport (headed out from Syracuse/Cicero). I haven’t been there in some time, but this was a true time warp:  10 cents coffee, sandwiches at prices reminescent of 15-20 years ago. Lots of local flavor and good food. Sure hope it hasn’t changed.”

2 thoughts on “Readers report on local faves

  1. I just wrote an email commenting about Flo’s. Yes, it is still as wonderful as it always has been. I just got internet again otherwise I would have commented sooner. Flo’s is definitely a place to check out!!

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