Hot cider donuts on a crisp fall day

Donuts, Daughter B declared today, are the most important food.

Clinton Cider Mill

Clinton Cider Mill

This declaration came after she fitted a cinnamon sugar donut from the Clinton Cider Mill in her mouth while I was driving her to school.

I think she might be onto something.

The donuts made at the cider mill are sensational. We usually buy eight and each passenger usually consumes two before we get home to Hamilton. They are made from the cider that is produced on-site, which we also enjoy.

If you time it right, you can catch the owners and staff members working the cider press located in the shop. A pretty interesting process to witness.

You also can buy chicken pot pies, cheeses, jams, honey, and pies. But make sure you go for the donuts.

There is not a better autumn tradition than a car ride on a crisp sunny day to the Clinton Cider Mill. Just make sure you buy enough for when you actually get home.

Fall in CNY is spectacular. We have wonderful foliage right here in the Chenango Valley, and the Adirondacks and Finger Lakes are just short drives away. 

I’m planning a short trip to the east, to Middleburgh, and an easy hike up Vroman’s Nose. That is one of my favorite all-time hikes, with views from the top that take in the entire Schoharie Valley.

And, if my luck holds, the cafe I visited in Middleburgh about 15 years ago is still there and still serving up wonderful homemade pie. 

Donuts and pie. Must be fall.

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