Readers chime in with tips of their own

Thinking of heading north to catch some fall color? Well, one of our reader emails might provide a destination, though time is short because this unchained restaurant shuts down for the season on Sunday.

Read on for details and some other restaurant suggestions:

From Scott and Kathy:
On Route 3 coming out of the city of Plattsburgh (not too far from the city line, maybe 3 to 5 miles), there’s a small house on a “Y” intersection; the land around it is mostly paved (except for the four picnic tables in the shade of a tree) and when you pull up you notice there’s a menu on the side of the building. Then the waitress comes out to get your order and when she returns she hangs it on your open window on a tray. The only thing missing was the roller skates.

The place is Ronnie’s Michigan Stand …. and all the food I’ve tried there has been great. By the way, a ‘Michigan‘ is a sauce they cover the hot dogs in and they’ll even add extra onions on if you want. Ronnie’s closes for the season on Oct. 11, but come spring I will return north to follow my money to SUNY Plattsburgh (my son goes there) I’ll be sure to travel Route 3 and stop in for some great unchained food. Nice blog, happy eating.

(Sounds like a classic roadside eatery, thanks for the great tip.)

From Kurt P:
I read a few of your posts and think you might enjoy the Chief Schenevus restaurant in Schenevus, just off I-88. The tabletops are worth the trip all by themselves, but the food is pretty good, too. Call ahead to be sure they’re open.

(Tabletops? … hmmm)
From Mike A:
I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, I’ll hope to be the first , but one of my favorites is Origlio’s Wagon Wheel restaurant. It is located across from the old Alfred’s shopping center at 257 Wilson St. in Oneida.They make the well known Joe’s Spaghetti Sauce that has been around I think since the 40’s . This is a no-frills family place with food made to order for lunch and dinner with Italian specialties , sandwiches , pizza , steaks , and more .

Very reasonable , many specials are only 9.95 !  See what kind of feedback you get when you mention it . Better yet, go see for yourself !

I am a fan of unchained restaurants and your blog.

(Thanks, Mike. I haven’t been yet but it’s now on the radar)

From Joyce S:
I recently ate lunch at The Olde Irish Inn (it used to be the Cato Hotel) and I highly recommend it. It’s on Main St. (Route 370) in Cato and is under new management. They have made the place very accessible and the food is delicious. It is cozy and has lots of Irish feel to it. I had fish with sweet potato fries. mmmmm!

They do not have their liquor license yet and when they do, they’re going to have an open house. I was told they’ll even have a bagpiper as entertainment that day. I hope they advertise it in the Post Standard as I live in the Syracuse area now.

I used to teach at Cato-Meridian so meeting friends for lunch there on a Thursday was almost like going home and The Olde Irish Inn did feel like home. I have to hand it to the new owners. They have worked hard to make the place special.

(Joyce: A place for Irish food and a warm atmosphere sounds just right. Thanks for writing.)


2 thoughts on “Readers chime in with tips of their own

  1. “Michigan Hot Dogs” a.k.a Texas Red Hots or Michigan Red Hots are a local specialty in the Plattsburgh Area. Towards Plattsburgh from Ronnie’s Michigans is the open-all-year McSweeney’s (also with two other locations around town)plus the seasonal (closes 10/17) Clare & Carl’s on Rt 9 just south of town. There is even a restaurant named Adirondack Michigans Plus right in the City of Plattsburgh. Michigans are also on the menus of many other family-owned restaurants throughout the area. By all means seek out and try them all when you have the opportunity.

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