Meandering in Manlius

I have been on a reconnaissance mission of a sort. Nothing to confirm yet, but at least one opportunity has been located and listed for a future excursion.

I speak of some recent meanderings in Manlius. Daughter B is taking tennis lessons at 7:30 p.m. in the village, and yours truly is killing an hour and a half at various spots around town.  As much as I enjoy watching my daughter play, my neck can take only so much back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 

You get the idea.

So I spent part of one evening at the Ugly Duckling, a bar/restaurant on East Seneca Street, just past where Route 92 curls from the village.  A Red Sox haven, for sure, which is fun to see in what is normally Yankee country.

Another night I spent in Shoppingtown Mall, which has to be one of the more depressing malls in the country.  I mean you walk through the Sears and into this wing of nothingness before you get to any kind of shops at all.  I’d almost rather be in Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford.

A third 90-minute bloc involved a trip to Wegman’s. Can’t go wrong there, partner. I bought things I didn’t need and felt good about the price I paid for them, and I ogled muffins, bagels, donuts and a wonderful variety of breads in the baked goods section. 

Another evening, and I suppose this is the point considering the name of this blog, was spent at Hullar’s Restaurant in Fayeteville. I really liked the feel of this place, though I didn’t eat there because it was late. Instead I landed at the bar, waiting for my Jets to take on the Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

But Hullar’s is intriguing to me, and merits a return visit to sit down and eat. Three guys next to me at the bar were enjoying what from all muffled reports were good meals. And I like any place that offers some local history on the take-away menu.

The restaurant says it’s one of the oldest restaurants in town. It  dates back to 1818, when the area was called “Manlius Four Corners.”

I’ve done my due diligence, and I now have a place to try for lunch or dinner when I’m traveling up that way again. I promise to provide a full report, and hopefully all my scouting will have been worthwhile.


One thought on “Meandering in Manlius

  1. Kimberly’s Ice Cream in Manlius is my favorite local ice cream place. It’s on Rt 92 just before the village, in the shopping plaza with the Rite Aid.

    Super premium ice cream, made on the premises, with lots of interesting flavors. Try the Amaretto Peach Toasted Almond.

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