You can’t beat a good steak

A good steakhouse can be a reassuring place. Especially if it’s a place where you know you’ll get a good meal at a good price.

We found such a place a couple Friday nights ago, in Norwich right on Route 12. It’s called Gus’ Steakhouse and Sports Lounge, and it was a treat.

I’m not sure where the “sports lounge” comes into play. There is a bar and there are TVs. But this is really about the restaurant and the steaks, chops, ribs and chicken that are available.

The main dining room is nicely appointed, with wood floors and tasteful fall decorations adding to the warmth pushing forth from the gas fireplace.

We mostly chose from the specials. I had a 12 oz steak and Buffalo shrimp, a winning combination. My accompanying sweet potatoes were small, and not what I was expecting, but I could live with that considering the flavorful, tender steak and spicy small shrimp I was enjoying.

Wife L might have had the winning entree, though. She had what is called Gus’ double cut 24 oz. steak, which is offered for a very reasonable $17.99. Each steak comes plain or with a soy-based marinade. She had the marinade, and the steak was a wonderful grilled selection with terrific flavor.

Father-in-law D had a nice N.Y. strip covered in bleu cheese and Mother-in-law J had coconut shrimp. Daughter B went with a special, prime rib and a small order of baby back ribs. Too much for her, she focused on the prime rib and we brought the ribs home. It was a nice combo.

We all agreed that the salads that came with the meal were some of the best we’ve had in some time. You have to like a restaurant that pays attention to everything, and Gus’ seems to fit that bill.

It’s just south of the busy little downtown that is Norwich, but before the Wally World and the Lowe’s.

Give it a try next time you’re on Route 12. It’s worth the stop.

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