Dominick’s does it right in Syracuse

I love Thanksgiving. To me, it’s one of the least stressful holidays. No gift-buying. No last-minute party invitations. Just food, and family, and bad football.  It’s not a fake holiday, like Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of work on my part. I’m strictly clean-up and (this is subjective) entertainment. What more can you want? 

Well, what you can want is a place to eat after the turkey is toast and you still have family in town looking to remove themselves from the couch.

Clinton Square Ice Skating Rink


So with Brother M’s family in tow, we headed to Syracuse and did a few spins around the downtown ice skating rink at Clinton Square. We’ve done this now for two years in a row, and we all enjoy it. The huge Christmas tree looks great with its blanket of lights, the historic buildings in the area look spectacular, and it’s an inexpensive way to keep the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes from collecting where you might not want them to collect. 

After we all did our best Eric Heiden impressions, we headed down Burnet Avenue to Dominick’s Restaurant.  It was around 6 p.m. on Saturday and we had to wait for about 40 minutes. It was well worth it. 

The restaurant was busy, a bit loud, and a lot of fun. The staff know what they are doing, and once we were seated our pro of a waitress took perfect care of us. The food was delicious, and plentiful. I had a wonderful veal francaise that was incredibly tender and topped with a butter-lemon sauce that was just right. A side dish of angel hair pasta highlighted the tomato sauce, which also was a winner. 

Another winning entree was the prime rib special for $12.95. Daughter B called it an unqualified success and one of the best she’s tasted. It was cooked a perfect medium rare, with an herb crust. Sister-in-law B enjoyed her eggplant parmigiana, while Brother B raved about his veal parmigiana and Niece K attacked the wonderful bread, baked at the restaurant, she had with her spaghetti. 

Don’t go to Dominick’s for a quiet, intimate dinner with your significant other. But definitely go with family or friends and enjoy a longtime ‘Cuse tradition. 

Afterward, it was a quick jaunt up Route 81 to see the Lights on the Lake, which are at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool.  We all oohed and aahed as we drove by the elaborate displays, choosing our favorites along the way. My vote goes to the golfing Santa or the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald Castle.  I’ve declared them winners by declaration, hanging chads be damned. 

Lights on the Lake


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