‘Tis the season to share suggestions

‘Tis the season to share more suggestions from Unchained Restaurant readers: 

From Terry: 

I love your blog. I agree, most of the time locally owned and operated is better than a chain. 

I have a suggestion. I actually took my wife there (from Syracuse) just for the trip. The place is Papa’s Family Diner, 196 Delaware St., Walton. 

The best drive would be to take Route 12 to Greene and take a left onto Route 206 thru Bainbridge and Masonville to Walton. Bear left at the “Y” by the Kraft plant. Papa’s is just down the street on the right. 

Two other suggestions: 

For dinner, worth the trip: Memories Restaurant  in Lowville. And it’s been a while since I’ve been there but I remember Lloyd’s of Lowville, across from the Kraft plant on Route 12, being pretty decent. 

Thanks, Terry, for the compliment and the unchained tips!


From Teresa, of Middleburgh:

I stumbled across your blog, thank you, it’s fun.  You bring back good memories for me as I have been to most of the places you mention. 

Travel for me is mostly “off the beaten path.”  I love food and have for years also made a point to stop in every little eating establishment across the state. 

I’ts a beautiful state and it’s a beautiful life. 

Have you been to the Plainville Turkey Farm in Cicero???  What a hoot – all turkey, all day!!! 

Thanks again for the interesting reading. 

It is a beautiful state and a beautiful life. Thanks, Teresa, for writing in. 


From Douglas:

The State Street Cafe  at 73 State St., Phoenix, NY, Oswego County, is a find. 

Located on the canal of the Oswego River, (just look out the rear door) it is housed in the former and famous “Wood’s Bologna”, Wood’s Meat Market. 

Owner Tammy Lynch has a select menu of breakfast items, luncheon choices freshly made with her own flair. Her coffee selections vary from fresh brewed to iced coffee and beyond. The decor is old style with photos of prior years gone by. 

I need to head up that way. This is one of  several good suggestions from Oswego and the North Country.


From Laura in Liverpool:

I’d like to tell you about Flo’s Diner. It’s on Route 31 on the way to Sylvan Beach. It does take about 30 minutes to an hour to get there, but its worth it. Flo’s still offers .10 cups of coffee! There are regulars and truckers that stop by there. Its been there a LONG time. I’m 25 years old and its been there all my life. We used to stop in and eat whenever we went to visit my grandmother at Sylvan Beach. Meals are not expensive at all and it has a cozy atmosphere. I’ve always noticed that senior citizens enjoy the place quite a bit. They offer dinners that seem homemade; like shredded roast beef  and gravy with mashed potatoes, and even spaghetti. If it weren’t for the fact that I live in Liverpool, I’d go there more often. Please check it out, you’ll love it. 🙂 

It’s on the list, Laura. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to share suggestions

  1. hi dj.

    Thanks for the tip about the Irish Pub in Cato. I will have to make a visit, it sounds great. Maybe for a post-St. Pat’s Day Irish meal.

  2. It seems most of your fine dining mentioned here is in the route 20 area, but we live in Baldwinsville, and like to explore small restaurants in the area, especially for friday fish frys. The American Legion in Cicero serves good, plentiful, plain fare, and really packs ’em in on fridays. But the best we have found lately is the Irish Pub (formerly Cato Hotel) on Rt 370 in Cato. They have done a great job of renovating, and the food is excellent. They even have live dinner music on fridays. And of course, they specialize in corned beef ‘n cabbage and other Irish dishes. Worth the trip.

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