A report from the field: Magee Country Diner

We are growing by leaps and bounds here at Unchained Restaurants.  (OK, maybe not. I tend to hyperbolize during the holidays.)

We do, though, have a contribution from our very first UR correspondent: Friend C.

Friend C was driving from western Massachusetts, where he was visiting family, through CNY, where he was visiting yours truly and family, on the way back to Indiana, where he lives with his family.

We applaud him for driving for as long as he could along our scenic byway, Route 20, before having to swing onto the Evil Empire of highways, the New York State Thruway.

Before making the jump to the most expensive toll road on the planet (again, the hyperbole) he made a stop at the Magee Country Diner, outside Waterloo and just seconds from the Thruway entrance.

He reports: “Only had a breakfast sandwich to go, but the place was packed with locals.”

Hmmm … Not sure I can keep him on the correspondent payroll with such a lackluster  description, but he was faced with 12 hours of solo driving back to Indiana, so I’ll have to cut him a break.

If you’ve been to Magees and have anything to report, please leave a comment and I can continue this fact-finding mission.  But it sounds like a good option if you’re forced to drive the Thruway but don’t want to eat at a chain restaurant at one of the travel plazas.

Please continue to think “local, local, local” during the holidays.  Nine out of 10 dentists, and others, recommend it!

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