Eating day and night in Morrisville

We recently had the chance to eat dinner and then breakfast in Morrisville, the Route 20 village that once served as home for Madison County government.

Copper Turret Restaurant

Friends R joined Wife L and I recently for a trip to the Copper Turret restaurant, which is owned and operated by Morrisville State College’s auxiliary corporation.  The college did an outstanding renovation of the building on Route 20, which dates back to 1814. It is a beautiful space, and a great way to integrate students learning the food services trade.

I’ve been to the Copper Turret a few times, for lunches, with a large group for a graduation dinner, and for dinners.  Most times I leave quite satisfied, though there has been the occasional slip that too often comes with one of our more expensive meals. 

This past dinner was an example. I ordered a delmonico steak special. The steak was cooked perfectly,  medium rare, but the side dish, garlic mashed potatoes, was overcooked. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what I was eating. Now, it’s up to me to ask the kitchen to redo that, and I didn’t. So shame on me. But when I’m spending more than $20 for an entrée, I expect things to be right all around.

Same issue with Wife L’s meal. She ordered her filet mignon medium rare, and it was medium well bordering on well done. Again, we should have sent it back. But when ordering a pricey entree you expect things to be done right the first time. 

Friends R each had the filet, as well, and their meals for the most part were done right, though again one filet spent too much time on the grill. For dessert we all shared  a tollhouse pie with almond ice cream, which is made on the premises,  that was very good and a nice finish to an “up and down” meal.

The Copper Turret has a great bar area that is comfortable and inviting. It is a required stop for us on our annual St. Patrick’s Day pilgrimage to Syracuse. And as far as my meals, I will be more particular about sending something back that is not done to my liking, but we’ll definitely go back.

Pretty  much everything was to our liking last weekend when we stopped at the Morrisville Diner for breakfast. It’s always great to see once-shuttered buildings given new life, which is the case for this eatery just west of the village on Route 20 that was once called Buzzy’s Diner.

Father-in-law D ventured out in the cold with Wife L and I, and we all enjoyed our breakfasts. Nothing too fancy here, but everything was done well and the price was right. The place has some new paint and new booths throughout, though the green turtle that adorned the outside awning has gone to turtle heaven.  It was doing a nice business on Saturday, so hopefully things go well for the establishment that has been open for about six weeks now.

Madison Hall

If you have breakfast on the brain, think about the diner if you’re near Morrisville and also think about visiting Madison Hall in the village for the indoor  farmers market  held Feb. 6, March 6, and April 3.

Madison Hall is a beautiful building that has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978.  It was the county courthouse for years, and in a previous incarnation was burned to the ground by members of the notorious Loomis Gang, so the story goes, who wanted to burn records that might be used against one of its members who was on trial.

A dedicated group of volunteers saved the building and continues to raise funds for additional renovations.  It can be rented out for weddings and other events, and a dance class is held there weekdays.

This kind of building often serves as the heartbeat of communities up and down Route 20 and across upstate New York. It’s heartening to see such a success story, driven by local people wanting to preserve a piece of local history.  Stop in on Feb. 6 and see some of the amazing work that has been done and buy some local products at the same time.


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