Bacon bits and the new year

I’ve been a slacker the first few days of 2010; my humble apologies.  I’m still coming down from the sugar rush  after consuming huge doses of Christmas cookies and other assorted holiday treats.

Some quick news nuggets:

— It is great to see a new diner opening in the village of Morrisville, The Purple Salamander. It is next to Dougherty’s Pharmacy in the downtown core on Route 12. The new eatery is open for breakfast and lunch, and its opening comes on the heels of the re-opening of the former Buzzy’s Diner, now called the Morrisville Diner,  just west of the village. 

 In the who knew category, it seems that bacon has been labeled a trendy food for the coming year.

 The staple of many a fine diner breakfast, it is now apparently appearing in cocktails (made with bacon-infused liquor or the new Bakon Vodka)  and desserts, including bacon-and-egg ice cream and a bacon chocolate bar from Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

My inital reaction: Yuck. My secondary reaction: After five cocktails made with bacon infused liquor I might be tempted to try bacon-and-egg ice cream. But even then, in my bacon-infused loopy state, it would be a stretch.

What’s next? Sausage sundaes and hash brown strudel?


3 thoughts on “Bacon bits and the new year

  1. A topic close to my heart (in more ways that one) – bacon.

    I recently had the good fortune of trying some of the thick cut bacon from Nower’s on Randallsville Road in Hamilton. If you love bacon, or like it like a friend, you’ll love their cuts.

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