Color purple takes on whole new meaning

Luckily for me these days the mere mention of the color purple doesn’t evoke an  image of the creepily friendly dinosaur named Barney. In Daughter B’s formative years, Barney was a constant guest in our home thanks to the good folks at PBS.

Now, I’m thinking the color purple will take on a new meaning: a good locally owned place to eat in a terrific setting.

The Purple Salamander on Main Street (Route 20)  in Morrisville  has been open a couple months or so, and Wife L and I finally had a chance to try it this weekend.

The place is terrific inside. A gorgeous mural lines one wall, complete with colorfully painted salamanders sallying forth in a tropical setting of lush green trees and colorful mushrooms.  The leaves climb onto a section of the ceiling where even the light fixtures complement the motif.

Tables are in the center of the room and two are  tucked underneath rounded windows in front. Booths line one wall and a big comfy couch, perfect for sipping coffee or relaxing with a piece of pie, is in back, perched in front of a flat-screen TV and a fireplace.

Our breakfasts were very good. I had two big fluffy pancakes, topped with New York state syrup, and bacon. Wife L had eggs and corned beef hash. All good, all reasonably priced.

The diner/cafe also offers deli sandwiches,  wraps, paninis, and burgers. Homemade soups are on the menu, as are baskets filled with shrimp or chicken. Fresh-cut French fries are highlighted.

The Purple Salamander has coffee to go, and  ice cream and shakes for take-out. It is open every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., except Sundays when it closes at 3.

We’ll be stopping by again after 11:30 a.m. to try the other menu items. It is well worth the visit to this warm, comfortable, and perfectly appointed place.


2 thoughts on “Color purple takes on whole new meaning

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Purple Salamander. Will be checking it out soon based on your recommendation!

    Bob Allen

  2. The Purple Salamander sounds like a great place to try the next time we find ourselves in upstate. I always enjoy reading this column.

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