Locally produced food items find a second home

There is a new place to buy local and, luckily enough, it’s a locally owned shop.

The Peppermill in Hamilton has teamed up with the Nelson Farms Country Store and is now selling a great variety of food items produced right here in CNY.

The Peppermill is on Madison Street in Hamilton.

Nelson Farms  helps local entrepreneurs get their products to market.  Now, in addition to its retail shop on Route 20, you can stop at the Peppermill, peruse its great kitchen items and gifts, and also buy some locally produced salsas, barbecue sauces, rubs, jams, pastas, tomato sauces, and more.

Wife L and I stopped by last Saturday and visited with owner Leslie Yacavone. We talked with a few folks who were offering free samples,  and we picked up a couple items.

We can’t wait to try Tom’s Bootleg BBQ Sauce, created in Skaneateles, and Juanita’s All-Spice Seasoning, made in Sylvan Beach.

The BBQ sauce had a rich distinctive flavor, and I’m ready to break out the grill and sample some on pork ribs or chicken. Juanita assured us her seasoning would work on just about everything, and we’re eager to add it to our soups, meats, and even a wonderful dip we tried at the Peppermill.

Nelson Farms is a one-stop processing facility for small-scale food processors, farmers, growers, and producers. It is a venture of Morrisville State College and has helped  local residents looking to expand or start a food-related enterprise.

Hopefully those enterprises will get a nice boost with the Peppermill serving as another outlet for their great CNY products. So stop by and say hi to Leslie and see what’s available at her shop,  you’ll be nicely surprised.

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