Time to start seriously thinking about ice cream

The daffodils have been out for a bit now, windblown and snowed on in some higher elevations of CNY, but here all the same. It’s great to see them poke out and give us a nudge: Hey, spring is here and summer is around the corner.

It’s also great to see the dormant ice cream stands and drive-throughs re-emerge after some had shut down over the winter months. 

There is nothing better than taking a drive on a blue-sky day and pulling in at a roadside eatery that you haven’t been to in a while.

I need to get up to Troops Scoops on Route 20 in Madison, for example, and sample their ice cream again. Gilligan’s in Sherburne is a must-stop for us, particularly when the urge for a chocolate shake and onion rings can’t be denied.   

What are your favorite ice cream havens as the warmer weather begins to take hold? Use the comment field on this post and let us know.


5 thoughts on “Time to start seriously thinking about ice cream

  1. In Syracuse, the two best ice cream places are within blocks of each other–Gannon’s at the corner of Seneca Tpke. and Valley Drive and Arctic Island at the corner of Seneca Tpke. and Midland Ave.

    Both make their own hard ice cream (both grads of the Penn St. short course certificate program). I’m partial to fruit flavors–and love Gannon’s apple and pumpkin flavors–available near the end of the season, nearer to fall.

    • Thanks, Phil. I’ve driven by both places several times but always at the wrong time of year. I’ll have to stop this summer. I’ve eaten at a great Italian place that I think is across from Gannon’s. A long narrow place that is just off Seneca Turnpike, maybe on Valley Drive?

  2. We’re fan’s of Troops Scoops. Good ice cream and you can pick up a quick meal at a decent price if your not in the mood for cooking. Their kids meals include a food, drink and baby ice cream cone. All that for under $5!

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