Mail call from Parish, Lowville

It’s been too long since I’ve dipped into the mailbag, so here goes.

We have good news out of Parish, up in Oswego County:

From Scott:

I posted on your website recently about our little pizza shop/Italian restaurant in Parish (G&F Italian Pizza).  Sal the cook there is Italian born and trained and makes wonderful specials:  chicken rossini, lobster ravioli …. MMMM.

But now in Parish we’re even more blessed.

The Candlelight Restaurant  reopened after several years of being empty. For several years before that it was run below its legendary competency. Back in the day it was renowned all across CNY and people would drive 50 miles to go there for dinner. It reopened after a 14-month rehab of the building and we’re all excited here.  Check it out at

We’re easy to find, just shoot north up I-81 from Syracuse or take  Route 69 out of Rome and you’ll find us here.

Thanks, Scott. You can find specials at the Candelight Restaurant and Lounge  on its Facebook page.

It is great to hear about local landmarks making a revival.  Unchained Restaurants wishes both restaurants all the luck in the world. We’ll have to take a ride on Route 69 and sample things ourselves. I used to truck up Route 69 from Rome for softball games in Camden and Osceola. There was a place on 69 that used to host pig roasts and had a lot of outdoor seating. I can’t remember the name…


From Marty of Fayetteville, who asked me to mention this Lowville restaurant, which I had overlooked:

I greatly appreciate your unchained blog. We’re always looking for good and reasonably priced food around the area. One place we like to eat is the Lighthouse Restaurant in Lowville. The drive up Route 26 is very scenic, especially the view going over Mohawk Hill, just before Constableville, where you can see across the Black River Valley into the foothills of the Adirondacks.

The Lighthouse is just south of the junction of Route  26 and Route 12. We usually get there late on Sunday, so the salad bar is closed, but there are lots of good eats. We enjoy the locals coming and going. Food is always fresh and well prepared and the waitresses are very attentive. Lots of homemade things.

The restaurant includes an ice cream counter and window and there are locally made gift items on the wall for sale. Clean restrooms and there’s an inexpensive, decent motel attached. Two of us eat a full meal for a little over $20 plus tip. And there is so much to enjoy in Lewis County!

Thanks, Marty, and sorry your email got lost in the in-basket!

2 thoughts on “Mail call from Parish, Lowville

  1. And speaking of Lowville, I would like to mention Doyle’s family restaurant, recently opened in West Lowville, at the intersection of Rt 12 and 177. it is small, but great locally owned family dining. I can attest that the shrimp-in-a-basket is excellent. Stop by.

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