A holiday road trip gone wrong

I’ll be the first to admit that my meanderings through CNY can be a hit or miss proposition. I was able to talk Wife L and Daughter B (the more surprising victory)  into taking a car ride on Memorial Day, it being a sun-splashed warm day and us in search of somewhere new to eat.

Heading toward the water sounded like a good idea, so we drove toward Sylvan Beach with a vague notion of eating somewhere in North Bay, which is just past the village on the north end of Oneida Lake.

Getting through Sylvan Beach proved more difficult than I imagined. The place was hopping. Cars were lined up on Route 13, waiting to turn into the amusement park area. The street was filled with families pushing strollers and with teens in tiny swimsuits and towels.

All in all a very far cry from when we visited the area back in January, when there were just a few ice fishermen out on the white-encased lake.  (See that post here.)

We drove onto Lakeshore Drive and headed toward North Bay.  And just as quickly drove through North Bay, with nary a restaurant in sight. So much for my reconnaissance. We headed toward Cleveland, a community on Route 49 not quite halfway across the lake, but Daughter B was beginning to despair, so we turned around and tried to skirt Sylvan Beach on the way back south, getting lost, of course, and ending up smack dab in the middle of Sylvan Beach again.

Lots of restaurants to choose from in the village, but not on this day. Too many people and too few parking spaces. Like I said back in January, I’m an off-season kind of guy.

Knotty Pine Restaurant on Route 5

We landed at the Knotty Pine Restaurant on Route 5, not far from Wampsville. It was not a bad place to land, just not quite what we were expecting this day.

I had a good pot roast dinner with tender chunks of beef and  mashed potatoes.  Both Wife L and Daughter B had the haddock dinner, and both claimed it good, though not the best they’ve had. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our entrees hovered around the $10 mark.  

A newer addition to the restaurant is barbecue, and there is a small takeaway booth outside where you can order food for home or to eat at the nearby picnic tables. That full barbecue menu is available Thursday through Sunday, when the outside grills are  going full tilt. 

That sounds good to me; I’ll just have to make sure I take a less circuitous route to get there next time.


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