Just a trim, and a restaurant recommendation

You can get a lot of information from the regular trips to get your hair cut. Whether it’s at a salon, hairdresser, or barbershop, it’s usually a place where the gossip flies as the scissors snip.

When I lived in Schenectady, I went to Nino’s Barbershop for a solid decade. Nino was originally from Sicily, and had a heavy Italian accent.  When I visited his shop near Ellis Hospital, we’d always have a good conversation, but at one point, and this happened like clockwork, we’d start talking about city taxes or city road repair, and I’d get at least one really good “Sumanabitch” out of him as he grew more and more agitated with the city fathers.

It was good stuff.

Now, a young woman cuts my hair at a shop in the village, and we chat about  this and that, in a more sanguine kind of way. She gave me some a good tip the other day on a new restaurant to try in Vernon, up near the racetrack and “racino.”

Nothin’ Fancy is a family-run restaurant on Ruth Street, just south of Route 5, right at one of the service entrances to Vernon Downs, and across the street from Burton’s Livestock ( I think that is funny for some reason).

Nothin' Fancy

It is not just a restaurant. There is a 7,000-square-foot country western club attached to the restaurant. I’m told it is quite the hotspot and the place to be on Friday or Saturday nights.  But Wife L, Daughter B, and I were there on a Sunday morning looking for breakfast, not for Kenny Chesney.  We found a good one. 

The restaurant,  which is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day,  has maroon booths and tablecloths, and there are trotters etched into the glass partitions as a tribute to the racetrack.

After catching some friendly flack from our waitress, Marcie, for picking the only table in her section that had not yet been cleaned, we settled in to a waffle breakfast for me, scrambled eggs with greens for Wife L, and a burger and onion rings for Daughter B.  The greens were not Utica greens, a bit on the bland side for Wife L, but a nice accompaniment to the home fries and eggs. The onion rings were very good, though the burger was steamed and was just OK. My waffle and sausage were great, and Marcie was there at just the right intervals for more tea and more conversation.

There are lots of fish fry options on Friday at the restaurant, and the daily dinner specials seemed interesting. The myriad dessert options were intriguing, and the restaurant does serve beer and wine.

It was a nice ride to Nothin’ Fancy (aren’t you glad this was pun-free) as we drove past some horse farms on the way up to Route 5, and we’re looking to go back for dinner.

 I’ll have to share my review next time I get my hair cut. 

Nothin' Fancy


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