Climbing to new heights for donuts

I’ve developed a donut thing. It’s not good. I get a flicker of a vision, a nibble of an idea, a passing thought of a past confection that sticks in my head like raspberry jelly sticks to your fingers,  and I need to find a bakery, wherever and whenever.

Sometimes it works out perfectly. Like when I was driving north to Long Lake to climb Owl’s Head Mountain, which is just off Route 30 on Endion Road. I figured I was going to get good exercise in hiking the three miles up and the three miles down, so a donut couldn’t hurt, much.

I found a little bakery in the hamlet of Inlet, on Route 28. I don’t even know the name of it, I’m sorry to say, I was a bit feverish at the time in anticipation of what was inside. It was a tiny place,  tucked amid some shops just south of the municipal offices and Arrowhead Park. Inlet is a nice busy place, but you’ll find it easily enough.

I popped in and had the most wonderful black raspberry jelly filled donut I’ve had in some time. I also bought a couple of croissants for my climb to the summit.  Before demolishing the donut I strolled through the Adirondack Reader to peruse some Adirondack guide books and maps, and the shop next door that had plenty of outdoor gear.

I totally misfired on the drive back. I tried to stop at Frankies restaurant in Old Forge, which offers terrific Italian food, but I was too early for dinner and it was closed.  For some reason I refused to turn around on Route 12/28 when I passed by the Kayuta Drive In, where a burger and shake was waiting. And then I let indecision rule the day as I passed a few other options.

But, at least, I got my donut.

See images below from Owl’s Head, which has outstanding views from a working fire tower at its summit. 


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