A winning trifecta in Syracuse

I discovered a Syracuse neighborhood,  a solid Italian restaurant, and Gannon’s Isle ice cream all in one day a couple of weekends ago. It was a trifecta.

Wife L and I took part in the walking tour of the historic Strathmore neighborhood in the city’s southwest side.  We were able to visit five homes in the neighborhood that boasts a range of architectural styles, many dating back to the early 1900s. We walked through a marvelous example of an Arts and Crafts bungalow that had spectacular views of Hiawatha Lake in Onondaga Park and the Carrier Dome far to the east.

Another home had eight bedrooms and five bathrooms upstairs, and a beautiful sun room that offered views of the tiered backyard.

The homes all seemed different, which always makes a neighborhood more interesting, and they were laid out in almost a haphazard way, with some pushed right to the road and others situated at odd angles to the street.  It was great to see the pride that the tour organizers obviously had in their neighborhood.

There was music down the street and  interesting artwork for sale. We were able to sample a new flavor of Gannon’s ice cream during the home tour. It was called Robineau Raspberrry Ripple in honor of Robineau Road, which is one of the main streets in the neighborhood. The ice cream, much needed on a warm day, was smooth and delicious, with a robust splash of raspberry flavor.

Luigi's on Valley Drive

We had a spring roll at one of the food stands, and then ventured down to Valley Drive to meet Aunt L at Luigi’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant.

This is really good Italian food in a dimly lit, narrow restaurant that feels like it could be out of a 1950s  Hollywood movie set.  I enjoyed my baked ziti and meatball, and took home a good bit of it. A nice salad started things off and the bread was wonderful. Wife L enjoyed the cavatelli and Aunt L also had baked ziti.

The restaurant  is right across from one of the Gannon’s locations. It’s a winning combination, if you can save some room after such a full meal at Luigi’s.

Gannon's Isle


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