Buffalo Zach’s stands tall in Trout Town USA

We were returning from “downstate,”  which according to our smart-aleck Long Island cousins means anything below Woodbury Commons outlet mall, which marks the outpost of the real NY world,  and found ourselves in Roscoe, N.Y., a k a Trout Town USA.

I don’t fish but I do eat, as you know. And we found a terrific place as we exited Route 17 and turned onto Route 206, stopping at Buffalo Zach’s Cafe and Gourmet Coffee Shop.

Score one for us, as we hit on something special at this funky eatery that has a little bit of everything. The place is decorated in what I’d call American cowboy chic. Its Southwestern flair is fun, and matches the vibe of the place.

Tables are tucked where you wouldn’t think there would be room, and a big comfy couch is there for those who want to sip their lattes and browse some teas and sauces that are for sale.

A nice, big wraparound porch also looked inviting, but we opted for an inside table near the coffee and fresh smoothie bar and the glass case with the great selection of Italian cookies, including mini linzer tarts.

The menu has a full selection of veggie options along with interesting salads. I thought about those, briefly, and opted for a Tuscan chicken sandwich on Ciabatta bread. The chicken was perfect and topped with a nice thin layer of prosciutto, wilted spinach, provolone cheese, and a light mayo dressing. It was really, really good.

The accompanying pasta salad was welcome, though I ended up eating half of Daughter B’s french fries, which were outstanding. She enjoyed her cheeseburger, which was cooked just right and came on a fresh, tasty roll.

Wife L had a bowl of tomato tortellini soup that she deemed excellent. She also ordered a side of onion rings. The four rings were huge, almost overwhelming. We didn’t finish those as the batter was almost too thick and not quite crisp enough.

Buffalo Zach’s is open from 7  a.m.  to 11 p.m.  seven days a week. The owner, Peter, was hard at work during our visit, stopping at our table to make sure we were happy.

We were.

During  a quick phone call to check on the restaurant’s hours, it was interesting to learn that he recently opened a new establishment called the Boathouse Cafe, which is on  Tennanah Lake, about five miles from the village of Roscoe.  Peter says it boasts one of the largest decks in the Catskills, and he promises views that will knock your socks off.

I believe him, and we now have a new option as we travel “downstate” and visit the smart-alecks again.


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