Roscoe Diner gets flagged in national media

Roscoe, N.Y., which we all now know as Trout Town USA, was in the national news today and I can’t pass up a chance to plug another fine locally owned restaurant: the Roscoe Diner.

It seems that top officials of the New York Jets football team met with agents of one of its star players, Darrelle Revis, at the diner. The two sides are locked in a dispute over Revis’s contract, and they met at the diner for about three hours, according to ESPN.

Here is what the article said:

The group huddled at the Roscoe Diner, a popular stop for college students driving to schools in upstate New York. In fact, the diner’s walls are covered with pennants from dozens of colleges.

Unfortunately, not even the great food at the diner could help end this impasse, the article goes on to say. Revis is not expected back any time soon and that could badly damage the Jets’ Super Bowl dreams.

Those dreams are taking shape just a couple hours away from Roscoe in Cortland, where the Jets are conducting their training camp. It turns out that Roscoe was a convenient middle ground for the Jets officials and the player’s agents to meet.

Good catch, Roscoe Diner!

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