A restaurant that values food, service, and you

It is such a pleasure finding a restaurant that does everything right. It’s pretty rare, but they are out  there.

We found one on the northern edge of the Catskill Mountains,  about 15 miles from the Hudson River.

It’s called Mountain View Brasserie, and it’s on Route 32 in Greenville.

Wife L gets all the credit for this one.  She found the restaurant, which is located just minutes away from the Greenville Arms, where we met Couple M for our annual bed and breakfast getaway.

The restaurant is well-appointed, with warm yellows and beautiful woodwork. We had a 7 p.m. reservation and were seated right away.

Couple M never shy away from sampling all that a restaurant has to offer, so we started with delicate crab cakes in a lobster sauce. The sauce was creamy and rich, and the cakes were perfectly browned and filled with lump crab meat.

I ordered the schnitzel, which came with spaetzle,  and a vegetable medley. I was presented two huge pieces of veal, cooked just right and incredibly tender, with the  German noodles that I love and which I drenched in a robust brown gravy. Wonderful.

Wife L had lamb chops and scalloped potatoes. The lamb was brushed with rosemary and cooked perfectly. Friend F had a special cajun pork dish while Friend J enjoyed jumbo shrimp stuffed with lobster.

Wonderful, creative entrees.

The Greenville Arms

Compared to the restaurant, the accommodations at the Greenville Arms were mediocre.  Our room in the carriage house had a beautiful quilt on the king-size bed, but you had to inhale sharply to get between the bed and wall with the rickety air conditioner. The bathroom had a salmon-colored sink with  skinny aluminum legs, which reminded me of my Aunt Peg’s house circa 1975,  and  faded linoleum  peeling at the threshold.

Not OK for $150 a night.

A guest room in the main house was much nicer, with a traditional headboard, wallpaper that suited the room,  two handsome chairs for lounging and reading,  and  a wonderful porch that looked onto the front yard.

The grounds were great, with tables next to an inground pool where we enjoyed a glass of wine and cheese and crackers before heading to the restaurant.

I missed breakfast in the main house (my presence was required at a softball tournament back in CNY), but from all reports it was fine, though not spectacular. The service was not all that friendly,  though perhaps my companions were spoiled by the perfect service the night before.

The Greenville Arms caters to artists, and it was fun to see guest paintings in the work space in the carriage house.  The inn dates back to 1889, and I’m a huge fan of  historic buildings. But it seems like the inn needs some attention and a renovation plan for some of its spaces.

Parking lot art


3 thoughts on “A restaurant that values food, service, and you

  1. Perhaps Couple M thought you were picking up the dinner tab and that’s why F&J were not too shy to enjoy the crab and lobster. Next time, Couple M will know better!

    But, meanwhile, the dinner was outstanding. Hats off to Wife L for finding a great place … as usual.

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