Brunch at Turning Stone turns out to be a winner

When we left the Turning Stone Resort and Casino last Sunday my mother-in-law commented about how she felt she had been somewhere completely different, somewhere that would typically be in another state,  certainly not in Central New York.

I understood what she meant. The resort is a massive complex, and even though we had visited just a small section of it,  it is a very different kind of experience with its beautiful  inside waterfalls set in rough-cut stone, polished tile floors,  artwork, and of course the bells and whistles of the casino floor.

We went for brunch at the resort’s Season’s Harvest restaurant, thinking it was a good place to celebrate Wife L’s birthday (and no, I’m not saying which birthday we celebrated.  Mrs. O’Keeffe didn’t raise an idiot).

Season's Harvest restaurant

The brunch, for the most part, was excellent.  An incredible variety of well-prepared food offered in a well-appointed, very comfortable dining area. It was odd, though, to be asked about wanting the smoking or no-smoking section. The hint of cigarette smoke in the hall area was unwelcome, but it did disappear once we were in the dining room.

I immediately ventured to the breakfast area, ordering an omelette with cheese, broccoli, green peppers, and bacon. It was delicious. Home fries were available, biscuits and gravy, sausage, pancakes, waffles, bagels and lox, and more.  I helped myself to copious amounts of fresh fruit to round out my first foray to the spotless buffet line.

Round Two involved a trip to the Mongolian barbecue section, where I heaped my plate with fresh vegetables and ordered shrimp and beef to be cooked all together in a wonderful hunan sauce, right in front of me.  I enjoyed my mini-show and thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  Daughter B meandered through the buffet line, choosing beef from the carving station, mashed potatoes, and some peel-your-own shrimp.

She was disappointed in the beef,  a sentiment echoed by Wife L, but enjoyed her other selections.  The ham was deemed a far superior selection by Mother-in-law J, and I had a small plate of cajun shrimp with a zesty cocktail sauce.


Udon soup

Wife L and  Daughter B shared a huge bowl of udon soup, which is one of the offerings in the sushi area. The broth was hearty and replete with lovely noodles and beef.


I could have, if the will was stronger, sampled some chicken picata or Utica greens from the Italian section, or fajitas or empanadas from the Mexican area, or even hot dogs or hamburgers, complete with every known condiment to man.  It all looked interesting, and I’m just listing my personal highlights here.

There were pies, and chocolate mousse, and soft-serve ice cream to be had. I had the chocolate mousse. Something about eating inordinate amounts of pudding-like substances bring back good college memories for me.

The Sunday brunch, which comes with a coupon for a free glass of  champagne, costs $16.95. It was absolutely worth it.

We had hemmed and hawed about where to go. We considered the Brewster Inn in Cazenovia, the Springside Inn on Owasco Lake, and the Silo Restaurant in Greene.  If you have ever been to any of those places or have others to suggest, please leave a comment for us here on the blog.  There are more birthdays on the horizon.

Turning Stone



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