Take some pride in some of what NY offers

There is a great chance to sample New York state products this weekend at the state fairgrounds.

The second Pride of New York Harvest Fest will be held 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday at the horticulture building.

The organizers promise a wide variety of New York foods and beverages, including maple products, fine wines, quality meats, baked goods, honey products, salsas, marinades, milk and ice cream, and flowers.

A ticket, $25 at the door, also includes complimentary samples and educational seminars on cooking, winemaking and brewing.

Don’t let the fact that the same state politicians from the same political parties pretty much won every race on Election Day ruin your appetite or your interest in products produced by small businesses and neighbors in New York state. 

And, thankfully, the state politicians won’t be pushing their ridiculous ads or shaking hands this weekend. They will be ensconced in their cushy corrupt Albany digs, basking in the glow of incumbency and the illicit protections it offers for even the most inept of the alleged lawmakers.

We can take pride in some things here in New York, but state government sure ain’t one of them, and won’t be any time soon unless people wake up and use the voting booth to send a message that we’ve had enough.

Wow, there is a dose of post-Election Day venting for you,  but I promise to return to your regularly scheduled blogging about unchained restaurants next time.


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