A restaurant opens, and a restaurant closes

Back in June 2009, in one of my first posts here on Unchained Restaurants, I wrote about a nice email I had received from Mark Sample, whose wife, Teresa,  ran the Emerald City Grill in Chittenango.

Mark let me know about his wife’s place and also agreed with my stated intention of highlighting just locally owned eateries, and not chain restaurants.

Today I’m sad to report that Teresa, after nine years, has closed the Emerald City Grill for good. In an article in The Post-Standard, she said that the tough economic times brought on by the recession and a major road project that disrupted traffic through the village were the main reasons for her decision.

I’m sorry to see it go.

On a happier note, I did venture down to Sherburne the other day and stopped in at Henry’s Corner Sandwich Shoppe, which is right at the four corners in the village. The owner, Henry, remodeled a former hardware store on Main Street and opened his restaurant in October.

He offers a wide range of sandwiches, from paninis to chicken salad to all sorts of wraps, along with pizza and calzones.  I had a nice tuna melt with a side order of sweet potato fries. The restaurant is sparsely decorated, with three plastic-covered tables and a counter for eating.  But prices are reasonable and it’s a nice, quick option if you’re driving on Route 12B.

I wish Henry good luck, and again ask everyone to consider a locally owned restaurant before plunking down your hard-earned dinero at a chain restaurant.


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