Audrey H. wouldn’t approve, but I sure do

There is no skimping at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a restaurant on Route 5 north of Clinton, and that includes portions, noise, and down-home ambience.

We discovered the no-skimping rule on Saturday morning, at the height of the breakfast rush.

You seat yourself here, and we were lucky to find a table right away in the larger dining room. The walls are a rough wood,  from floor to ceiling, with the obligatory dropped tile ceiling.

Lots of chatter and lots of activity, but the waitresses were efficient and helpful, moving us along.

There is plenty to choose from, including some steak choices to go along with your eggs, if you’re in the meat-loving mood. You can get a cup of sweet peppers for $2, though I’m not sure why you would. LA Toast and Texas Toast are available, offering dueling geographical implications,  and you can get four-egg omelets, French toast,  pancakes, and more.

Greens are available as a side order, which is what Wife L did. She really liked the plainly dressed greens that accompanied her eggs and toast.

My breakfast was great, and that included the done-just-right and oh-so-crisp home fries that were alongside my eggs and sausage. A couple of hot teas and we were very satisfied with our meal.

Wife L had to dig into the secret holiday cash she had stored away in her purse as we found out at the counter that they don’t take credit cards. Weird. I never have cash in my pocket, and I’m a lousy dishwasher.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which is about three miles from Sangertown Square Mall, also serves lunch. It is an early contender for No. 1 breakfast destination in 2011.


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