Use your smartphone to snag smart dining deals

I’m assuming you’re smart.  You are, after all, reading this blog 😉 . And I’m assuming you have a smartphone, though I’m not sure why I assume that.  I also will assume — one more time — that you are interested in smart ways to save money.

Well, I  might have something for you. A company called MobileSpinach, of San Francisco, is expanding into the Syracuse market, one of about 15 cities nationwide so far. The fine folks there reached out to me as part of this expansion and I’m intrigued by what they do: offer mobile vouchers that never expire.

You use your smartphone — iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry Torch — to redeem the coupon right at the restaurant. Pretty cool, right? I know I’m using my DroidX for a lot of different things these days.

One of the participating restaurants is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the home-grown restaurant with a big-time reputation. Now I’m embarrassed to say this, but I am one of the 26 people in all of CNY who has yet to eat there. I’ve had plenty of their food at catered events, but I’ve never crossed the threshold.

I know, I know.

But if you are headed there soon, click this link (you must be on Google Chrome or Safari or your smartphone) for a way to save money on your meal. You “buy” the 50-percent-off deal, it is accepted, and you redeem the coupon with your phone at the restaurant.

There are about 10 other restaurants taking part in Syracuse, and MobileSpinach hopes to grow that list. I’ll be mentioning these deals from time to time. I also will mention now that I get a (very) small percentage of the sales that happen when people use this blog to take advantage of the offers.

I would love your feedback if you venture out to Dinosaur Bar -B-Que with smartphone in hand and a MobileSpinach deal in place before I get there; just drop me a line here on Unchained Restaurants.


2 thoughts on “Use your smartphone to snag smart dining deals

    • Hi. Did you use Google Chrome or Safari when you tried it? It has to be one of those browsers or your smartphone. Worked well for me on those options.

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