College visits require more help than Yelp can provide

I will be traveling the next couple of days, and before I go I would love to see if anyone has suggestions for good locally owned restaurants that I might try.

I know I could Yelp and I recently downloaded an app called Where, which offers suggestions for restaurants. But I don’t “know” any of those folks.

So, I am asking you. We are going on our first foray into the world of college visits.  I’m hoping that Daughter B might be ready to move from the most important factor in the search being school colors to something more substantive, like how good the food is in the main dining halls.

We are headed to Alfred, in the southwest section of our state, and then to Geneseo and Geneva.

If you have any recommendations for those towns or places in between, please drop us a line here. My nerves might be a bit frazzled after these college tours, especially if we meet with financial aid folks, so good food and interesting restaurants will be just the thing.


5 thoughts on “College visits require more help than Yelp can provide

  1. If you travel north to see St Lawrence, Clarkson, SUNY potsdam or SUNY Canton I have some suggestions for you. I run Mulligans, which is a restaurant at Partridge Run Golf Course in Canton and that would be my first choice for you but there are other unchained choices for you to think about. In Canton ther is Sergis, The Club, Sylvia’s and the Black Bird Cafe. In potsdam I would check out Maxfields, Momma Lucias, or the Cactus Cantinna.

    Mulligans is only open during the golf season and we have become well known for our soups. We make a different soup every day and do not repeat that soup all summer. It’s fun coming up with all the different soups. We basically are a soup salad sandwich establishment but also carry 55 or so microbrews and imported beers. All are in bottles but I wish they were on tap.

    Hope to see you sometime up in the North Country.

    Denis Walsh

    • Hey Denis. We are probably headed your way this summer. Your place sounds great, as do the others you suggest. My wife used to be called The Soup Lady at a cafe our friend started in Schenectady some years ago. So your place is a must-stop for her. Thanks for writing!

  2. Don’t miss Tom Wahl, in Avon, which is one town over from Geneseo, for burgers and fresh root beer; Micelli’s is my fav in Geneseo – get the toasted turkey and bacon sub, or great pizza at Mamam Mia’s! The Big Tree Inn is great for a nicer dinner.

    • Hi. We actually ate at the Big Tree Inn in Geneseo. Im going to write about that soon. Funny you mention Tom Wahl’s. We stopped there this summer after I picked up my daughter and her friend after the Warped Tour at Darien Lake. Outstanding burgers!!!

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