Spring begins with snow, steak, and a snarl

Happy first full day of spring everyone! In some parts of CNY, including my part, we woke to a fresh coating of snow that hid the brackish-colored grass that had just reappeared after having been hidden for the past three and a half months.


Here are a few brief items for your consideration:

— I have written before  about Gus’ Steakhouse and Sports Lounge in Norwich, so I don’t want to double-dip here, but we went again with Friends R on Saturday and really enjoyed our meals. I had the  18 oz. New York strip steak, and it was sensational. A wonderful cut, cooked just right, with a charbroiled hint that added to the natural flavor of the beef. Wife L had the marinated double cut rib eye steak that was to die for, and she got it her requisite rare.

 This is a great place for steak, and with most offerings priced under or right around $20, which includes a side dish, soup or salad, and complimentary antipasto, you can’t go wrong.

How disappointing was the sloppy, sloppy game the SU Orange played against Marquette, dashing the tournament hopes of hungry-for-more-hoops fans. Ugh, a tough way to bow out of the NCAA Tournament, and yet another blow to my bracket.

— We ventured to Syracuse for our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and had a blast. In addition to our West Side standby Nibsy’s, we stopped in at McAvan’s Pub, just a Saw Doctors song away on Fayette Street.  Good friends, good adult beverages,  and good music.

— It doesn’t feel like we are now at war in three different countries, but there is no way around it, we are. Because we can conduct these operations without asking for sacrifices from folks here at home, other than the loved ones of our soldiers, we continue down these paths. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, but what are the end games and their ultimate costs?

— I can’t believe how expensive hotels are in the Boston area. We’re considering a brief trip to visit a college  and to play tourist next month, and the prices are wicked haaahhdd to get ovah.  Any suggestions for a reasonable place to stay near a T stop are welcome.

Leaders of the state Senate and Assembly have conceded that they have spent our state into the abyss, and have now thrown the entire budget process into the hands of Gov. Cuomo. Instead of showing any semblance of leadership, they have once again dodged the tough decisions and instead focused on doing the only thing they know how to do: run for re-election.


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