This Bel Air is ready for a ride at Turning Stone



We ventured over to Turning Stone Sunday morning to watch the Colgate University women’s tennis team play Division I rival Lafayette.

Daughter B plays tennis for her high school team and would like the chance to play at the collegiate level.

All that head-turning made us hungry so we stopped at The Corner Market restaurant at the resort.

Nothing too spectacular,  but like everything at Turning Stone there are lots of options. There are burgers, Italian options, Chinese, barbecue, a deli, and ice cream.

We had fried chicken and turkey sandwiches. The Italian wedding soup was the highlight, a nice broth with meatballs and escarole and orzo pasta.

The walk through the casino was, again, an interesting experience.  It didn’t appear that a lot of the  prayers that might have been entered earlier in the day were being answered, but that wasn’t slowing things down.

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