Local brewery using local products hopefully is a local success

Two quick items for your consumption:

1) Outstanding news about a brewery opening early next year in the village of  Hamilton. Co-founders Carrie Blackmore and Matt Whalen have refurbished a building on Milford Street in the village. They will use hops from Foothill Hops in Munnsville, Madison County’s first commercial hops farm in 50 years, according to a story in The Post-Standard.

So this will hopefully become a local, local, local success story, and we wish Good Nature Brewing a speedy and successful opening.

2) Silver linings do, indeed, exist. Proof was our recent Labor Day Weekend visit to the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. Daughter B is a playa, and this trip was her birthday gift.  We bought tickets the day they went on sale, and still ended up spending $67 a pop for Row Z, Section 327.

That’s Z, as in you can’t go any farther without seriously injuring yourself, as if you would have the strength after climbing so many steps. See this photo of the steep climb:

But those poor folks sitting close to the court and hearing Maria Sharapova’s grunts quite clearly didn’t have the chance to take in this view, from Row Z. Hence, the silver lining:


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