Conesus Lake dining spot serves up great food and views

How many Finger Lakes are there?

Answer: 11 (we don’t count Cazenovia Lake or the “thumb,” Oneida Lake)

Can you name them?

Answer: No, but Wikipedia can: Otisco • Skaneateles • Owasco • Cayuga • Seneca • Keuka • Canandaigua • Honeoye • Canadice • Hemlock • Conesus.

What’s the point of this Q&A?

Answer: I visited two of the Finger Lakes in the past few weeks and had a wonderful lunch on the shores of the westernmost lake, Conesus, and enjoyed a Dickens Christmas on the second-most eastern lake, Skaneateles.

North Shore Grill in Lakeville, NY

I never knew Conesus was a Finger Lake.  Turns out it has about eight miles of shoreline, is a mile at its widest point, and has a maximum depth of 66 feet. On a recent late afternoon it was a beautiful site from our window seat at the North Shore Grill, at the lake’s northern tip. We had just finished a second visit to SUNY Geneseo, which is high atop the college-wish list for Daughter B, and were looking for a place to wind down after the campus tour.

The restaurant is beautifully appointed inside, a curving glass partition separating one of the dining rooms from the bar area, with sky blues and elegant tans and grays coloring the walls. The nautical theme is low-key and smartly done, and the views are wonderful. We could easily imagine the outside patio areas and lawn filled with tables and customers enjoying the sun and views even more.

I had a delicious grouper sandwich, with the fish fillets encrusted with panko bread crumbs and fried. The fish was sweet and the breading provided a nice crunch to the sandwich, served on a warm, fresh roll. My obligatory sweet potato fries were crisp and flavorful, and were only rivaled by the homemade North Shore Crisps that came with the prime rib sandwiches ordered by Wife L and Daughter B.

Their sandwiches were cooked to medium rare specifications, and the slight hint of marinade made the sandwich even more tasty. I had a creamy cup of lobster bisque that was just the right starter, with nice chunks of lobster offering a hint of good things to come.

The lunch, or lighter fare menu, also includes burgers, shrimp or grouper tacos, wraps, and salads. The dinner menu offers a wide range of seafood offerings, including lobster, king crab legs, and sea scallops, along with a nice selection of steaks.

If you are ever out in the Rochester area, head south and visit the westernmost Finger Lake and stop at the North Shore Grill. You’ll enjoy the sights and the food.

Next up: Finger Lake visit No. 2: Skaneateles

View from a window seat at North Shore Grill


3 thoughts on “Conesus Lake dining spot serves up great food and views

  1. Thank you Unchained Restaurants! We posted this on our Facebook page and told our followers to check out this Blog as it helps shine the spotlight on independent restaurants!
    Matt~North Shore Grill

    • Matt,

      Thanks for posting it to your Facebook page. Locally owned restaurants offer unique experiences that make dining out even more enjoyable. Best of luck to the North Shore Grill in 2012!!!

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