Picture this: Bread as art in Utica

Bread nourishes the body and art nourishes the soul.

Walking, I’ve discovered lately, can do both.

I took a ride to Utica the other day and my first stop was Napoli’s bakery and deli, at the corner of Bleecker and Culver. Their Italian bread is some of the finest you can find in CNY. I can’t, and don’t, eat enough of the textured bread with the crunchy, chewy crust. It is unbelievably good.

I also ordered a large tomato pie. Napoli’s offers some of the finest around, with a tangy sauce topped with just a sprinkle of Parmesan.  Combined with a wonderful pizza crust, I’m working my way through through several square slices before taking a breath.

It’s good stuff all around.

Photograph © 2006 Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust Courtesy Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

After that critical purchase I visited the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute on Genesee Street to take in the Ansel Adams photography exhibition.  It is an amazing display of 48 photos Adams had chosen himself late in his life to best represent his work.

This artist’s love of nature and intense drive to capture nature at its most raw and magnificent are something to behold. He captures the intense power of a winter storm pushing through Yosemite or the delicate dance of aspens caught in perfect light in Colorado.

The black and white images are on display at Munson Williams until Jan. 8, so it’s now or never time for everyone who hasn’t yet seen the exhibition.

I’m an idiot for daring to include my photos in a post that even mentions Adams (what would he think of smartphone images??), but I’ve been lucky to take some nice walks this past week. I’ve been hooked on the My Tracks app on my Droid. It records how far you walk, the time, the exact route, average speed, elevation, etc., and then saves the record. It can be a bit hinky when there are a lot of trees around, but for the most part it’s worked really well and it’s kind of addictive.

Finn on the Gorge Trail

Finn the Dog and I  walked 3.71 miles along the Gorge Trail in Cazenovia the other day. A great walk that you can start from the parking lot of  Buyea’s hardware store right on Route 20.

Daughter B then joined the pooch and I for a 3.8 mile walk in Canastota. We walked a great segment of the Link Trail/North Country  National Scenic Trail that you can start at a dedicated parking area that is part of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, just south of Route 5 near Aldi’s.

The walk brings you down into a ravine and then up again to follow the old Lehigh Valley Railroad tracks. The views of Canastota Creek are amazing. We didn’t quite make it to the Nelson Road crossover, but I hope to get back in the future to do much more of the path.

You can actually connect to the Gorge Trail in Caz via this trail, though it does involve a decent amount of road walking. See more here.

Canastota Creek from the Link Trail


5 thoughts on “Picture this: Bread as art in Utica

  1. Nice read . Utica has a few little treasures . BTW , the creek you walked next to is Chittenango Creek , not Canastota . It leads to Chittenango Falls not far from where you were .

  2. Hi, Mary here, a curator from MWPAI; thanks so much for this post. I am sincerely pleased you liked the show and appreciate your sharing your good Utica experience with your readers. Have a good new year.

    • Hi, Mary. Thanks for the nice comment. MWPAI is a real asset to our community, and I was thrilled for the chance to see the Adams exhibition. Happy 2012!

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