Hapanowicz Bros. offers a little slice of heaven for meat-lovers

During a summer meander through New York Mills I had come across Hapanowicz Bros. Meat Market, at the corner of Clinton and New Hartford streets. It was closed, but I vowed to return.  On Saturday,  I did.

Wife L and I spent some serious time perusing the incredible varieties of  sausages, prime cuts of beef, pork loins, and double-cut pork chops,  to name just a few. The butchers on hand were friendly and answered all our questions.  This is way more than your typical deli meat counter, I guarantee you, though there were lots of options for luncheon meats and salads, too.

There also were enticing ready-to-eat homemade entrees available, including goulash, chicken pot pie, New England clam chowder, greens, and golabki, the Polish stuffed cabbage dish. Of course, the meat cases also were filled with Polish kielbasa.

We were disappointed that the bread section had a sign saying that Napoli’s breads and tomato pies were currently unavailable, but we bought some really nice rye bread made by Star Bakery in Utica. (My last post about the joys of Napoli’s bread resulted in some folks emailing me  about really good bread available at Roma Sausage and Deli, on Bleecker Street, just down from Napoli’s, and  Spano’s, a bakery over on Niagara Street. )

We will freeze a lot of what we bought at Hapanowicz as we hunker down for the winter that wasn’t (at least so far). We bought some breakfast sausage links, hot Italian sausage patties, a couple of bockwursts,  hot Italian sausage links, two packages of homemade pierogies, some meatball mix, and some beautiful pork loins that we’ll put a nice rub on and try to grill.

It might not sound this way, but we  do eat healthy in my home with lots of veggies mixed in with our meals and lighter fare some nights with soups and salads. But I am  a committed carnivore, as the photo below can attest.  So I’m hoping that the Hapanowicz meat market, which dates back to 1916, will continue to  be around for a long, long time.

Booty from Hapanowicz market


10 thoughts on “Hapanowicz Bros. offers a little slice of heaven for meat-lovers

  1. Pulaski Meat on Lenox Ave is an old school place, Give that a shot.
    Tony Spragnas is across the street, as unchained a resturaunt as you can find.

  2. We are lucky enough to live close to a local neighborhood market here in Syracuse that carries Hapanowicz Bros kielbasa, pierogies and the Golabki ….Polish cabbage rolls. Whenever we want a taste of Polish nostalgia, we stop off for a fix and cook it up. Very tasty and almost as good as my husbands grandmother used to make 🙂 Keep up the good work checking out the different places to shop and enjoy:)

    Deb Dwyer Krupa
    Syracuse, NY

    • Hi Deb. We had the pirogies last night and really enjoyed them. Have you been to Eva’s restaurant in Solvay? Supposed to be good Polish food.

      • Hi,
        Oh yes. We have been to Eva’s in Solvay. They do a very nice job. We actually had a gift certificate about 6 mos ago to use, so we did take out,

        Happy trails!

  3. Being a vegetarian you may find this an odd comment but there is also a great meat store in Warrensburg, north of Lake George called Oscars Smoke House. It burned down a few years ago but they rebuilt it and still produce some great stuff. I pick up some stuff for my carnivore friends when ever I go through town.

    Keep up the good work.

    Denis Walsh
    Canton NY

    • Hi Denis. Thanks for the comment and tip about Warrensburg. Isn’t Warrensburg also home of the largest community garage sale? Still looking forward to a chance to try some of the soups at Mulligans.

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