See New York state carved up by food region

This was too fun to pass up. Thanks to Deb, a reader of Unchained Restaurants, for sharing this map of the Empire State broken down by food group. She found this on Facebook and shared it with me via email. (Click the image to enlarge)

I love how it reflects the Greek yogurt boom happening in South Edmeston, in northern Chenango County.  Popularity of the Chobani brand has skyrocketed, and the company will be adding more than 130,000 square feet to its plant.

I do take exception to Bark being the main food group in the Adirondacks, though I did get a chuckle out of that. I’ve had plenty of great meals in Old Forge, Speculator, and Lake Placid.  We didn’t eat poutine in northern New York but did enjoy the gooey concoction in Ottawa during a visit a few years back. Garbage bread? Not yet sampled that Rochester food basic.

Brooks barbecue chicken in Oneonta is awesome, and I agree with the chicken riggies and tomato pie designation for Utica. You’ve already heard me go on and on about Napoli’s tomato pie.  I”m not sure where that mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce is all about in the Albany area. Which restaurant is known for that? I do know about the Saratoga Springs peppermint pig, and I have sampled the Croghan bologna.

We do love the pizza and bagels down in western Long Island, where I was born and raised. Vincents pizza in Albertson still rates as one of the best pizza places in New York, though I admit it’s been awhile. The Long Island Iced Tea seems too easy for the eastern half of the island. What about peaches or duck or potatoes or wine? Or is that mainly nostalgia talking?

And of course the age-old dividing line between those who say pop and those who say soda is dead-on. I never was able to say pop despite spending four years in Buffalo, where I did sample many a chicken wing.  Pop to me was my grandfather, the one with the Irish roots in County Offaly.

Anyway, let me know what you think is right or wrong about the food map. Don’t let this into the hands of any politicians, though, they will redraw the lines to some crazy configuration that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

— A quick note: It was with real sadness that I read  in the New York Times that the Miss Albany Diner will be closing. The diner was a mainstay of our capital city for many years, and I had the pleasure of eating there a couple times while I lived in Schenectady. The only thing to soften the blow was to see  that Friend A was quoted in the Times piece. She happened to be there eating what sounds like a wonderful French toast breakfast when the reporter was there.


4 thoughts on “See New York state carved up by food region

  1. Well, missing from this–otherwise very nice map– is what I call the “Michigan (hot dog) Belt”. This would be a narrow slice maybe 20 miles wide east-to-west along the west shore of Lake Champlain from the Canadian Border north of Plattburgh southward to perhaps Ticonderoga

      • “Michigan Hot Dogs, aka Texas Red Hots, Michigan Red Hots, are a regional specialty found only in far Northestern NY State(Canadian Border to Ticonderoga and centered around Plattsburgh)–now and then also along the western edge of Vermont, along Lake Champlain and, in Southern Quebec Canada.

        While somewhat similar to a chili dog or perhaps a coney (Detroit-style) they are unique; seved in a New England- type roll, sliced open on the bread side not the more customary crust surface. The dog, most always steamed, not grilled, is placed in the bun and topped with a splcy hamburg based sauce(this being the most distictive item), followed by a squirt of mustard and topped off )optionally with diced onions. This would be a Michigan “with”. One “without” would be without the onions. A Michigan “buried” would have the onions placed in the bun before the dog. A Michigan “over and under” would have onions buried and on top.

        Lastly a “sauce burger” would be without the dog altogether, but served “with”, “without” or “over & under”.

        Google the term “Michigan Hot Dog” and you will find numerous links to the whole subject.

        Hope this helps.

        Plattsburgh NY

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