Route 20 Diner in Bouckville closes its doors

I have always felt a strong affinity for the Route 20 Diner in Bouckville. It has been a steady breakfast spot for me, and my in-laws regularly rave about their hamburgers.

It’s also the place that I had met Post-Standard columnist Sean Kirst for breakfast and conversation about what was then my relatively new blog, Unchained Restaurants. I had reached out to Sean in that summer of 2009 because I admire his work and because I thought he would be interested in my hopes for promoting restaurants, taverns, diners, and drive-thrus that were locally owned and that help define the unique attributes and flavors of this region we call home.

We had a great talk about Central New York, and it was fun to see our shared sense of place and love of CNY so well captured in his column.

I share this because Wife L flagged me this morning about a simple ad that appeared in the Mid-York Weekly newspaper. It said: Rt 20 Diner in Bouckville will be Closing for Good!

The ad says Sunday, Oct. 28, is the diner’s last day, and that the following day there will be a 10 a.m. sale of the dishes and glasses and knickknacks that made up the place, including all the Coca-Cola paraphernalia that the owner loved.

I don’t know why the diner is closing. I do know that it is a genuine loss to the community, and to the corridor that is Route 20.  I want to thank the owner and staff for all their wonderful work over the past few years, and just say that your place will be missed and your absence felt.


4 thoughts on “Route 20 Diner in Bouckville closes its doors

  1. I took a visiting professor from Switzerland there for lunch last fall. He was absolutely delighted to experience something so authentically American. Sad.

    • I too am sad to see another “roadside” to close it’s doors. I must tell you I am also a fan of Sean Kirst’s writings and try to follow him in the column’s. Glad he decided to stay with the paper. Between the two of you, you have central NY covered with where to eat, explore new places and what issues we need to keep up on.

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