BB’s in Earlville offers homemade baked goods and homestyle cooking

It’s nice to be surprised now and again.

I had been a fan of the Village Cafe in the village of Earlville. It was located across from the Earlville Opera House in a solid brick building close on East Main Street, close to the Route 12B intersection. It then moved farther down East Main to an old home, taking over the lower level. It lasted a while, but closed its doors a while back.

This morning Wife L, Friend A, and I were driving down Route 12B, thinking of eating breakfast at The Caboose in Norwich. We just happened to notice a new sign where the original Village Cafe was located and a flashing OPEN sign in the window.

We had to stop.

Turns out BB’s Bakery and Cafe has been opened since August 3, with a formal grand opening September 7. Who knew?


The new cafe offers a huge variety of custom cupcakes, muffins, sweet rolls, pastries, rolls, breads, and cakes. This morning, the owner, Lynne, was talking about her “hot” brownies, which include a touch of jalapeno and cayenne to complement the chocolate.

Everything is homemade.

We opted for breakfast, and Wife L and Friend A ordered eggs and hash. Turns out, the advertising was true and the hash was homemade. I haven’t seen that in a cafe/diner in a long, long time.

I ordered pancakes and sausage. The pancakes were good, almost crepe-like, and the sausage also was homemade. With teas and coffee, our bill came to $16. Not sure how that happened, but we were pleased.

BB’s offers a Sloppy Sam breakfast sandwich, which sounds delicious, omelets, apple pancakes, and Johnny Cakes, which is a pancake topped with peanut butter and jelly, and another pancake.

Lunch options include a range of burgers and sub sandwiches, taco salad, and sausage and peppers. Chicken and biscuits, served with brown sugar carrots, is offered for dinner.

The cafe is open every day of the week, and until 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Give them a call at 315-691-7088 or 607-316-6334 if you want to check on times or if you want to order some of the delicious looking baked goods.

What a nice surprise this morning, and, yes, I will drive by and get to The Caboose next time!

(P.S.: Sorry for the long delay in between posts. I have more to catch you up on next time)

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